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I started Home James Limos in 2001. After working in the industry for many years hence I thought I could do it better. I was right. I bought my first limo that spring and expanded the company in the years to come.

I built the company on a solid principal of great customer service. I have always strived to be the best limo and bus service around and I think I have achieved that goal. While other companies have sold out or simply closed their doors, mine have stayed open all these years , making me the longest continually owned limo company in DeKalb. There are companies that have been around longer, but not owned by the same people. ( I should know, I bought 3 of them)

Our philosophy is simple. Good cars at good rates. We strive to come up with the best cars and busses we can, and take care of them. Some companies out there don't car what you ride in, but I do. At any time you can get into one of my cars or busses and find a clean comfortable vehicle to get you to your destination. Not only that but a great driver as well.

Send me an email or a pick up the phone and I will be glad to serve you. Once you have tried our service you will know what you have been missing.


James W Mitchell

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